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This is not your local church social club, where anything goes.
This forum has been created for serious Bible study.

We will not tolerate constant berating, Ad Hominem attacks, personal prophecies, dreams or visions.

Any and all forums dedicated to Bible study must stick to scripture.
Early Church Fathers and other pastors and teachers can be referenced, but it doesn't matter the source of the information if it contradicts scripture.

Remember, this is not your soapbox.
If anyone has the attitude that they are the ultimate authority on all things Biblical, please take your attitude elsewhere.
This is a place where we can ALL learn from each other.

There are no sacred cows here.
Everything is to be tested against scripture, regardless of how prevalent the doctrine may be in today's churches.

You will NOT be blocked or banned if you disagree with the Admin or moderators on doctrine.
You WILL be banned if you cannot disagree in a Christ like manner, or if you continue to argue doctrine that cannot be backed with scripture.
Opinions and feelings are not acceptable forms of proof.
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